Harrison County Jail - Marshall, TX (2023)

Harrison County Jail is located in Harrison County, Texas and is the county jail. Do you know anyone incarcerated at the Harrison County Jail? This page provides information on everything about Harrison County Jail, including: Find out who is in Harrison County Jail? How to View Harrison County Jail Photos. Prison address and phone number. deposit payment. Harrison County Jail Admission Procedures. court records. And much more…

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The thought of going to jail is a frightening and stressful thought not only for the incarcerated person, but also for their family and friends. The purpose of this guide is to provide tips and information needed to help someone get out of prison with less stress. If you have specific questions, feel free to ask them in the comments section below, and I would also appreciate any feedback or advice that might be of benefit to others.

General information


Harrison County Jail
Rua West Houston, 200
Marshall, Texas 75670

phone number and fax number

Telephone:(903) 923-4000
Fax number:

Inmate search: find out who is in prison

Do you have a family member or friend who is in prison and don't know how to contact them?

Do you know a friend or family member who has been arrested and don't know how to find out where they are?

To find out who is in the Harrison County Jail, you need to click on their website and do an inmate search.

search for prisoners

The Harrison County Prison Survey is a list of people who have been arrested, including their current status, how much bail they have and the times they can visit. You can also find the same information for everyone that was processed or released in the last 24 hours. Prisoners are listed alphabetically by their last names. You can get the information quickly if you have a first and last name, date of birth, or prison number.

If your friend or family member is incarcerated in another prison, you can search here:Other county jails in Texas


A mugshot, also known as a holding photo, is a photo taken by the prison during the prison admission process. A mugshot consists of one and a profile picture. Your full name and prison registration number will appear on the photo and will be on file with the prison.

See the police photos

Inmate photos can be searched on the website or viewed at the Harrison County Jail. When viewing photos online, you will be asked to enter your name and an arrest date.

How to remove your ID photo

Are you trying to remove your photo from the Harrison County Jail website? It's difficult because his photo is public knowledge. In order to have your photo removed, you must submit a "removal request". This means that all of your arrest records will be sealed so that no one can access them. Depending on your situation, this could be a long shot.

For more information on removing your photo, the various photo websites and photo removal services:How to remove your ID photo

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Bail & Bail Bondsmen - How to get out of prison

Of course, when he's arrested and imprisoned, all he thinks about is when and how to get out. After going through the admissions process, the bail amount will be determined by the bail program or the judge. Failure to post bail could mean being released on your own until your trial date or staying in jail until your trial.

If you are released from prison, you must agree to appear in court on the trial date and you will not be allowed to leave town.

In most cases, Harrison County Prison inmates receive a good behavior punishment if they do not break the rules and cause trouble while incarcerated.

If you prove yourself trustworthy, you may be given the freedom to work. You have to go back to prison every day after work, or you can move to a rehab center instead of prison.


Bail is the amount of money you have to pay the courts to get you out of jail until you go to court. The amount of bail required depends on the crime you are accused of. Someone you know has to pay 10 percent of the total assessed amount before you can be released from prison. If you miss your court date, the person who posted your bail will not get your money back.


Find out how much someone's bail is

To find out how much bail you need to get someone out of jail, call the Harrison County Jail or the County Courthouse. If you know the person's details such as name, address and date of birth, you will be informed of the deposit amount. You can also view the deposit amount online.

How to get someone out of jail

Getting out of jail on bail is an uncomfortable situation, but in some cases it's easy if you have the money. First find out if they have a cash only bonus. If that's the case, you can't get a warehouse manager. Cash only: They cannot accept personal checks. He pays the bail, the prisoner is released. If that person does not violate any of the terms of your release, your money will be returned to you.


If the deposit is too high or you cannot afford it, you may need to hire a warehouse manager. Bailiffs usually charge a fee of 10-15% of the total deposit amount, and sometimes they charge a minimum fee of $100. The amount you pay to the guarantor is non-refundable and must be paid in cash. If the escrow is excessive, the escrow manager may require your assets such as your home, property or car to be used as collateral in addition to the fee charged.

If you need a warehouse manager, go to:How to find a guarantor

Have you used Bail Bondsman services for yourself, a family member or a friend? If so, please leave a comment below and tell your story and let us know how things went.

tell your story

Other ways to get out of prison

  • Time limit for good behavior
  • keep work leave
  • time served
  • pre-launch programs
  • Released under house arrest
  • Break free on your own

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Prison Policies and Procedures

Admission/Booking Process

The approval process consists of the following steps:

  • They will put you in a cell. If there are a lot of arrests, you will have to wait a while for them to process.
  • The first step is that you need to answer some simple questions like: B. Your full legal name, address, date of birth and contact person.
  • They will also ask about your medical and mental health history.
  • You will receive a prisoner identification number.
  • Your fingerprints will be taken.
  • They will take your ID photo.
  • Any personal effects you have will be taken from you and held until you are released.
  • You can then contact a family member, friend or guarantor by telephone to arrange the deposit.
  • If he's going to leave soon, they'll let him wear his street clothes, otherwise they'll give him a prison uniform: overalls.

Have you ever been arrested and gone through the prison admissions process? If so, you should tell your story so others can learn from your experiences. How long it took? Was he treated fairly? Do you have any secrets that might help others going through the procedure?

say what you think

discharge procedure

Posting your bail will get you out of jail. The unloading process lasts between 10 minutes and the whole day. Or simply, the faster you can post bail, the faster you will be released. How quickly you are released may depend on whether you have been granted bail or whether the judge has not yet set bail. For a minor misdemeanor, you will simply be reported and then placed on probation with no bail required. If you served your sentence and received a release date, plan to be released between 9 am and 5 pm. M. and 12:00 M.

how to surrender

If there is one or you face your penalty, it is recommended that you stick to the rules and voluntarily surrender. If you have an outstanding warrant, report to the prison reception area and tell a police officer that you think you have an issued warrant. They will check to see if you have an arrest warrant, and if so, they will take you to jail. If it is a jail sentence, go to jail at the exact time and date specified in the sentencing order or court records. Be careful not to be late. Be sure to only bring necessary items if you face it yourself, such as: B. a driver's license or ID card, prescription medication, and a copy of the verdict.

visit procedures

Prisoners must provide the name and date of birth of any prison visitor before anyone can visit them. This information is entered into an approved visitor record for the inmate who requested the visit. Each visitor must present photo identification at the time of visit. Visitors who are late for a visit or visitors who are not authorized to visit will be turned away.
Harrison County Jail's visiting procedures change frequently, so it would be wise to double-check the official website before visiting an inmate.

visiting hours

Phone calls and phone usage policy

The calls that prisoners can make from prison are either made using a prepaid calling card or account, or are collect calls. These phone calls are usually more expensive than regular phone calls. Prisoners can make phone calls, with limitations on when they can make calls, how long they can talk and how often they can make calls, but prisoners should remember that all prisoners want to make phone calls too, so you can call the his family. Breaking prison rules can limit or completely limit an inmate's ability to use the phone.

Phone: (903) 923-4000

correspondence for inmates

All correspondence must be sent through the appropriate United States Postal Service and not by mail, delivery or personal delivery. You may not use any other form of postal delivery. Clearly print the inmate's name, inmate's ID, and prison address on the letter you send. Do not send boxes, padded envelopes, plastic bags or envelopes that contain metal. Any mail sent to inmates is opened and checked by prison officials, and mail is returned to the person who sent it if it cannot be delivered.

Delivery address

The Harrison County Jail mailing address is:

Harrison County Jail
Rua West Houston, 200
Marshall, Texas 75670

How to address the letter:

Harrison County Jail
Rua West Houston, 200
Marshall, Texas 75670

Harrison County Jail's postal policies for inmates change frequently, so check the Harrison County Jail website when mailing a letter.

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court information

(Video) Tyrant Alert-Civil Rights- Harrison County Tx Deputy Bodycam - Punching 63 yr Old Man -4th Amendment

get a lawyer

If you are arrested, you have rights, one of which is the right to ask for a lawyer. There aren't many calls you can make if you're arrested, so it would be wise to ask a friend or relative to help you find a lawyer when you call. I know by now you're probably asking yourself, "Do I really need a lawyer?" For some criminal cases you don't need a lawyer, a criminal lawyer will advise you on your rights, help you protect your interests and help you navigate. through the legal system in your county. The sooner you hire a lawyer to handle your situation, the better.

For more information on the benefits of hiring a lawyer, visit:find a lawyer

Public defender

If you have been arrested and cannot afford a lawyer, the courts will assign you a public defender who is an independent lawyer. The public defender's office has investigators, criminal experts and social workers. All Public Defenders are real lawyers, registered with the Public Ministry and licensed to practice law.

Have you ever had to hire a court-appointed attorney? Do you think they handled your case correctly?

court records

All court records are public records and are available upon request. They include a file with a file and all claims, documents and evidence that were filed in your case. You can access your court records via the online service or by going to the clerk of the court where the case was filed.

clerk of court

The Harrison County Court Clerk is a member of the court who maintains court records. The clerk of the court also takes an oath during trials and reads the verdict when it is decided by the jury. All records relating to your legal proceedings are kept at the registry office.


Court fees and court fees are the fees associated with your case, including filing fees, application and claims fees, and court appearance fees. If you cannot pay these fees and you have been appointed a public defender, you may not need to pay them.


A magistrate is the type of judge who will preside over your case in court. Judges perform a variety of functions, including setting bail amounts, issuing arrest warrants, and overseeing preliminary hearings and arrest proceedings.

before the sentence

A bias report is prepared containing background information and information about the defendant's life and history, which the judge reviews and takes into account when determining the sentence. Information, details and character witnesses are requested from the defendant, his family and possibly the victim. Please note that, prior to sentencing, you may request a copy of your pre-sentence report to give you an opportunity to correct any errors.


Once you have been convicted of a crime, you will receive a penalty for your crime. The judge has several options for sentencing you, including community service, house arrest and probation, even prison or jail. Depending on the seriousness of your crime, you may be arrested directly in court or summoned to prison to serve your sentence in accordance with your sentence.

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public data

Prisoner Counseling

Are you trying to find out if a family member or friend is in prison or has been in prison?

To find out, you need to go to the prison's website and search for prisoners and search with:

  • The prisoner's name.
  • Date of birth.
  • The date of your reservation, if you know it.
  • and your prisoner ID card.

If you are not sure if this person is in prison, call the prison to confirm.

order request

If you think you have a warrant, you can find out using the warrant search on the website or by calling the court directly. You must have your first and last name. Or you can go to the prison yourself and ask one of the officers. Please note that if you receive an arrest warrant, you will be arrested immediately.

arrest investigation

If you know the person's first and last name and the date they were arrested, contact the Harrison County Jail by phone, in person or online. Detention records are publicly available and accessible to all.

civil investigation

A civil suit occurs when you receive legal documents, such as B. a court order to be enforced. You can access civil warrants by contacting the Harrison County Sheriff's Office by phone or website.

Tracing/Research of sexual offenders

All convicted sex offenders are registered in a sex offender database. People in these databases have been convicted of sex crimes or kidnapping. You can access these criminals online, but be aware that you cannot see their address, only the block where they live.

court records

Court records are public records and are accessible to everyone. They include a court case, which contains a court case and all files and documents presented in the court case. You can access court records on their website or at the court office where the case was filed.

criminal record

Each state keeps records of its citizens' criminal past. These state databases are linked so you can keep track of criminal convictions from another state. You can go to the Harrison County Courthouse and make an appointment or visit the website. Knowing the county where the crime took place helps, and if the crime happened in a completely different state, you may have to pay for a more thorough search.

(Video) Old Harrison County Courthouse, Marshall Texas.

A criminal history search can find out if someone has been arrested, charged, or convicted of any of the following crimes:

  • DUI.
  • drug crime.
  • Kidnapping.
  • Rape or other sexual assault.
  • violent crime.
  • Robot.

A criminal background search usually won't tell you whether that person has committed traffic violations, such as driving. for example.:

  • Excessive speed or reckless driving.
  • License suspended or revoked.
  • He had a traffic accident.
  • Minor violations or movement violations.
  • Park-Tickets.
  • To obtain driving records, you must perform a driving record search.

    Have you ever had to look up criminal records on the internet? How easy was it? Did you do your research online or did you have to call the local courthouse? Was right? There are many reasons why people look for criminal records and your feedback can help others.

    Click here to tell your story

    Most wanted

    Everyone knows the FBI has a top ten most wanted list. In Harrison County, the Harrison County Sheriff's Department maintains its own list of most wanted criminals and fugitives.

    FBI Top 10 Most Wanted List

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    Prison life / What is it like?


    Just the thought of being locked up in the Harrison County Jail is something you would want to avoid, you will eventually get used to the routine that is set up for you in the jail. You will be given an alarm to wake you up around 6am. and then appeal. After the call you will receive breakfast. Upon finishing breakfast, you will participate in the work program assigned to you. This could be working in the kitchen, doing laundry, or any type of manufacturing work. While this may sound tedious, breaking out of prison can help you gain experience in a specific field of work. Other inmates attend school, while some attend mandatory treatment programs. After lunch, there's one more call, then it's back to work. You spend the night in your cell or in a common room. During this time, dinner will be served and you will be asked to shower. After another call, the lights go out. Though locked in his cell, there may be enough light to read or write letters. On the other hand, most inmates value light and try to sleep as much as possible.

    Most people are afraid of going to prison because they don't know what to expect. If you've spent any time in the Harrison County Jail, your experiences are welcome if they can help someone dealing with this.

    dress code

    Upon incarceration, all inmates are expected to wear the Harrison County Jail uniform. This is usually a bodysuit or scrub. Important for anyone visiting an inmate: You must be dressed appropriately. Any type of clothing considered inappropriate is not allowed.

    How to send money to an inmate

    You will have your own "bank account" while you are in prison. This money is used to buy items from the Commissioner. Family and friends can deposit money into this account for you, and any money you earn in prison will also be deposited into your account. Third party money may be deposited into your account by money order, cash or check. If someone sends you a check or money order, make sure it has your prisoner ID written on it. The maximum amount you can have in your account is $290 per month.

    The rules for sending money to Harrison County Jail inmates are likely to change, so be sure to visit the official website before sending money to an inmate there.


    The commissioner is the prison shop. Here you can buy a variety of things like toiletries, snacks and stationery. Keep in mind that you will most likely want to use the commissary every day, and any violation will deprive you of this privilege.

    medicine for prisoners

    If you are taking prescription drugs, you can continue to take them during your detention. During the first treatment, you will be asked which medication you are taking. You will then be referred to the prison nurse or doctor, who will be responsible for monitoring your health and prescribing your medication.


    You will be provided with three meals a day: breakfast, lunch and dinner. As expected, they are very basic but healthy. A typical breakfast might be cereal, toast, coffee and fruit. Lunch can be spaghetti, salad, bread and milk. Dinner can be chicken stew, rice, vegetables, dessert and milk. Contrary to popular belief, prison food has improved a lot over the years, and you may find that it's not much different from what you would eat at home.

    Pods / O Tribunal

    The prison was designed in a "capsule" layout, with separate rooms arranged around an open-air courtyard. Each capsule has a central control station and a common room, with the inmates taking turns in the courtyard. The prison is designed to keep certain inmates together and others away from the general population.


    As in life in general, gangs are part of prison life. Obviously it's better to avoid being part of that environment because it will only bring problems. When you go to jail for the first time, you may feel "prepared" to join a gang, or worse, it may come to your attention in a negative light. The best thing you can do is keep your head down and not get involved.

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    news and media


    photos images


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    (Video) Harrison County Courthouse - Marshall Texas

    Types of Harrison County Jail Jobs

    The deputy sheriff is the assistant superintendent of the Harrison County Jail and oversees the day-to-day operations and administration of the jail. An inmate is unlikely to have much business with the deputy sheriff unless he has committed an infraction. Prison guards are responsible for the custody and care of inmates. They maintain order in the prison and ensure security. A corrections officer is assigned to a specific department and is responsible for the same inmates every day. You know the occupants at a certain level and are well prepared for any issues that may arise.

    Apply for a job at the Harrison County Jail


    • You must be over 21 years old.
    • Must have a high school diploma or GED
    • Must be a US citizen.
    • You must pass a criminal, credit, and driving background check.
    • You have to pass a drug test.
    • You must be in good physical condition.
    • You must be in good health.
    • You must be in possession of a valid driver's license
    • A deputy sheriff candidate must have a law enforcement certification.

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    family resources

    There are resources for both offender and victim families. The social and emotional impact of crime is wide-ranging and affects many people. Families can receive professional counseling, legal assistance, support from social services and help in the criminal justice system.

    If you're a family member, what features did you find most helpful? Let us know, as it will be useful for other families in the same situation.

    Click here to tell it all.

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    Victim Resources

    Important Note: If you or someone you know is in imminent danger, call 911.

    victims' rights

    The Victim Protection Act gives victims the following rights:

    • You have the right to protection from the accused.
    • You have the right to be notified.
    • You have the right to watch the proceedings.
    • You have the right to speak in criminal cases.
    • You have the right to consult the prosecutor.
    • You are entitled to a refund.
    • You are entitled to a speedy trial.
    • You have the right to be treated with fairness, dignity and respect.

    The definition of victim includes:

    • The spouses and children of all victims.
    • Parents and legal guardians of minor victims.
    • Parents, guardians and siblings of victims of mental or physical disability or murder.
    • Adoptive parents or other caregivers in certain circumstances.

    There are a number of services and programs designed to help victims and their families. You can obtain information about these services by contacting your local court or law enforcement agency.

    Victim Notification

    The Department of Justice's Victim Notification System (VNS) is a system that provides victims with information about their case and/or the defendants in the case. You will receive a Victim Identification Number (VIN) and a Personal Identification Number (PIN) that you can use to access the VNS over the Internet or over the phone. Here you will find information about upcoming court hearings, historical court events, and detailed information about the accused. This includes any criminal charges filed, the outcome of the charge, the sentence imposed, the place of detention, the expected date of release and any other release information. The VNS website is updated daily. You will also receive all current information by post or email.

    Have you, a family member or friend ever used the victim reporting system? If so, was it effective? Did you get the information in time? Was the system difficult to use? We'd love to hear from you, so please post comments here.

    say what you think

    Information and search for sex offenders

    All persons registered as sex offenders are registered in a state or national sex offender database. People in these databases have been convicted of sex crimes or kidnapping. You can access this information online, but keep in mind that you won't get their exact address, just the block where they live.

    domestic violence

    If you or someone you know has been a victim of domestic violence, there are services that can help. Your county will have a Domestic Violence Services office. They offer free, confidential services such as B. Information about emergency shelters, legal assistance, support groups, and domestic violence education. They will work to help you live a safe, violence-free life and heal the trauma of abuse.

    Important Note: If you or someone you know is in imminent danger, call 911.

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    Reviews of this prison

    Have you ever been a prisoner in this prison? Do you have a friend or family member who is stuck there? Have you ever visited a prisoner in this prison?

    If so, tell us about it. Write down your prison experience so others know what to expect.

    Things you might want to write in what you write:

    • detention conditions.
    • Prison, courtyard and capsule layout and facilities
    • prison guards and officials
    • commissary and food
    • have visitors
    • other prisoners.
    • occupant safety
    • gang activity
    • internal activities and programs

    Click here to review the Harrison County Jail

    tell your story

    Everyone who has been arrested and sent to prison has a story to tell. Why did you end up in prison? Were you treated fairly? What was life like in the Harrison County Jail? How were the other prisoners? How is incarceration affecting your life?

    tell the world about it

    Send a message to your cellmate

    Did you meet any nice guys in prison? Would you like to connect with someone you met in prison? Say hello here, just leave a message below.

    Send a message to the Harrison County Jail

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How do I find an inmate at Harrison County Jail? ›

How to Find Someone in Harrison County Detention Center. You can acquire information about inmates through the jails search page on their official website. If you can't get the information you seek on these sites, you can call the Harrison County Detention Center at 228-896-3000 or send a fax to 228-896-3000.

How do I put money on someone's books in Harrison County Jail? ›

A: Inmate commissary deposits can be made 24 hours a day 7 days a week through www.jailfunds.com, or by calling phone# 1-855-836-3364. You will need a credit or debit card and the inmates name.

What is Marshall Texas famous for? ›

Marshall was the first city in Texas to have telegraph service with a line that liked to New Orleans. The population of Marshall exploded after leaders lured the Texas and Pacific Railroad into town, becoming one of the south's largest cotton markets. Marshall is also the birthplace of Boogie Woogie music.

Who is the administrator of Harrison County Jail? ›

John Hain - Jail Administrator - Harrison County Sheriff's Office | LinkedIn.

How do I find out if someone is in jail in Texas? ›

Besides the online locator tool, the TDCJ allows interested persons to carry out inmate lookup by phone. To obtain this information, call the general information line at (936) 295-6371 or (800) 535-0283.

How can I find out if someone is in local jail? ›

Check the websites for the county sheriff, police department, or municipal court of the county. Some county jail websites have searchable databases of the people being held there. Oftentimes, you do not need anything more than a person's name to search the database.

Are inmates notified when money is put on their books? ›

Are inmates notified when money is put on their books? They'll never receive a receipt or notification, they'll have to check themselves. In the feds this can be done via the computer terminals (TRULINCS) or when I was there you could still use the phone to access your account balance.

How do you put money on their books? ›

If an inmate asks you to put “money on his book” so he can make commissary purchases there are several ways you can do it; You can MAIL in a money order or cash. We highly recommend that you don't send cash through the mail. Personal checks are not accepted.

How do I send money to an inmate in Texas? ›

Inmate Trust Fund deposit options include:
  1. Money Orders or Cashier's Checks.
  2. Monthly Checking Account Debit (ACH) ACH Authorization Form. ACH Stop/Change Form.
  3. Access Corrections - Secure Deposits.
  4. ACE – America's Cash Express.
  5. eCommDirect provided by Texas.gov.
  6. JPay.
  7. TouchPay Payment System.
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What famous person is from Marshall Texas? ›

George Foreman (Marshall).

What is the cost of living in Marshall Texas? ›

Discover How Far Your Dollar Goes in Marshall!
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What celebrities went to Marshall High School? ›

Notable alumni
  • Bob Arbogast, Los Angeles talk show host and Chicago disc jockey.
  • Pete Arbogast, Hall of Fame sportscaster, longtime Voice of the USC Trojans.
  • Michael D. ...
  • apl.de.ap, vocalist, songwriter, producer and rapper for The Black Eyed Peas.
  • Barry C. ...
  • Karin Booth, film and television actress of the 1940s through 1960s.

What are the three problems faced by jail administrators? ›

But today, correctional administrators, particularly those running prisons and jails, are grappling with severe workforce challenges that directly impact mission performance. Those challenges include staff recruitment, selection and retention, training and agency succession planning.

Who is the sheriff of Harrison County Texas? ›

Sheriff Leonard C. DeLisle, Harrison County Sheriff's Office, Texas.

How do I contact Harrison County Jail? ›

Harrison County Inmate Phone Calls

To Set Up an account call +1 (228) 206-6765 or make a NCIC Deposit online by clicking below.

How can you tell someone has been to jail? ›

Interested persons may visit the official website of the correctional facility or visit the websites of service providers that provide access to these public records. Generally, public requesters can run a free inmate search by name containing basic information regarding an inmate — these are available online.

How can I find out if someone is locked up in TDCJ? ›

TDCJ Inmate Search – Phone

You can also call between 8-5 M-F to find out where a TDCJ inmate is located: Huntsville, (936) 295-6371, or (800) 535-0283. Pardons and Paroles, call the status line at (844) 512-0461.

Are mugshots public record in Texas? ›

In line with the Texas Public Information Act, these mugshots and accompanying arrest records are public records accessible to all citizens and can be republished. Before the advent of internet technology, local newspapers in Texas were publishing "police blotter" stories with details gotten from these arrest records.

Can the police tell you if someone is in custody? ›

The police are not usually allowed to inform anyone of the fact that a person has been detained without their express permission. When someone is arrested and brought to a police station, providing they are able to understand, they will be asked if they wish to have someone informed of their arrest.

What app do you use to FaceTime inmates? ›

WHY USE GETTING OUT VISIT APP? IT'S A VIDEO CALL: Remote video visits are an easy, instant way to connect with your incarcerated friend or loved one. This service will allow you to make a video call to an inmate, just like Skype or FaceTime.

What does SP3 mean in jail? ›

A: SP3 means that there was a sentence to State Prison and all the inmate's paperwork has been processed and he/she waiting for transportation to the Department of Corrections. Once the inmate has left County jail, the release information section will show the date and time they were sent.

How long does it take for a prisoner to receive money? ›

Money usually takes around 3 working days to reach a prisoner's account.

Why do inmates always ask for money? ›

So, what do they need money for? A lot, it turns out. Prisons typically provide the bare minimum when it comes to food, clothes, shoes and hygiene supplies. Some states provide items such as toothpaste, soap and limited amounts of letter-writing supplies only to the “indigent,” or those who have little to no money.

How do inmates know they have a message? ›

The inmate phone system alerts inmates when they have a new message, and inmates can listen to their messages any time they have phone privileges.

How do I put money in my TDCJ inmate account? ›

Call 1.866. 734.2306 or visit www.acecashexpress.com for the nearest ACE location. ECOMMDIRECT is the secure way to make a deposit in an offender's trust fund account. Visit www.texas.gov/eCommDirect, enter offender number, name and confirm offender.

How do you pay for money written by this book? ›

Professor Keynes wrote the book "How to pay for money".

What app can I use to send pictures to inmates for free? ›

Now you can send high-quality photo prints directly from the Pelipost app on any smart device. No contracts, hidden fees, gimmicks, or hassles EVER! OVER 20 MILLION PHOTOS SHIPPED, 4,000+ facilities served, and 500,000 users and counting!

Does Amazon ship to prisons? ›

Amazon.com makes deliveries to prisons. However, we recommend that you contact the prison first to confirm that they accept deliveries and to ask about any special policies they have. The label on the outside of the package should only state the destination address, Amazon.com company name, and return address.

How do I send money to an inmate online in Texas? ›

Deposit funds to an inmate's account online through several different companies: JPAY, TouchPay, Western Union, and eCommDirect. Each of these companies charges a fee to send the funds, and allows you to use a debit or credit card.

Can Texas inmates reply on JPay? ›

Can an inmate write me back? Yes, except for inmates incarcerated in the state of Texas. How do I know if I received an Email from an inmate? You will get a notification on your JPay.com account that you have received Emails.

Who owns the brass trunk in Marshall Texas? ›

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Who is the most famous Texan of all time? ›

Who is the most famous person from Texas? We'd say that George Walker Bush (born 1946) is currently the most famous person from Texas. Also known as “W”, George served as the 43rd President of the United States from 2001-2009. He was the son of George H.W.

What are 2 famous people from Texas? ›

Notability ranks for some Texans
  • Selena Gomez: 95.
  • Beyoncé: 108.
  • Lyndon B. Johnson: 140.
  • Dwight D. Eisenhower: 231.
  • Joan Crawford: 395.
  • Janis Joplin: 451.
  • Lance Armstrong: 583.5.
  • Jamie Foxx: 695.
Aug 7, 2022

Which city in Texas has the lowest cost of living? ›

  • Breckenridge. The cheapest place to live in Texas is Breckenridge. ...
  • Beaumont. The second cheapest city in Texas is Beaumont. ...
  • Wichita Falls. Located in north-central Texas, Wichita Falls is a cheap destination for nature lovers. ...
  • Harlingen. ...
  • Texarkana. ...
  • Abilene. ...
  • Amarillo. ...
  • Odessa.
Jan 10, 2023

What salary do you need to live comfortably in Texas? ›

Typical Expenses
0 Children3 Children
Required annual income after taxes$30,665$76,029
Annual taxes$4,266$11,421
Required annual income before taxes$34,931$87,450
7 more rows

How much do you need to make a month to live good in Texas? ›

What salary do you need to live in Texas? A single person needs a salary of at least $30,780 to cover all of their bills in Texas. If you have a working spouse to split living expenses with, you'll only need to earn $23,155 per year. Families with kids need a slightly higher income to get by.

What high school has the most celebrities? ›

Beverly Hills High SchoolThis school has more than its fair share of famous alumni—blame it on their location advantage. Nora Ephron, Angelina Jolie, and Lenny Kravitz all attended, but for many of us, the outdoor halls of BHH were immortalized by Cher in Clueless.

Is Marshall a party school? ›

though people who want just the stereotypical 'party' school should keep looking. If you like an active lifestyle with many options for entertainment, then Marshall is most definitely not the place for you.

What school has been attended by the most famous people? ›

The most common celebrity alma maters are New York University and UCLA. The most common education level for a celebrity is high school graduate.

How do I find out if someone is in jail in Mississippi? ›

Inmates. For information concerning an inmate, search our online jail docket or call 662-469-8500. All bonding companies needing paperwork or information on inmates must visit the online jail docket to obtain that information.

What is the app that you use to talk to inmates on a? ›

GTL's GettingOut mobile app is rooted in the power of relationships. It provides simple and reliable communication between inmates and their family and friends -- allowing them to stay connected, even on the go!

How do I find recent arrests in Indiana? ›

In Indiana, arrests record of felonies and misdemeanor offenses can be obtained through a Limited Criminal History (LCH) search. The Indiana State Police LCH request portal can be used to look up someone's LCH report easily online. LCH searches are done by providing a subject's name, date of birth, race, and gender.

How do I set up video for an inmate? ›

How It Works
  1. Check to see if your inmate's facility offers video visitation.
  2. If video visitation is offered at the facility, go to www.gtlvisitme.com. ...
  3. Select the facility where your loved one is located.
  4. Search for your inmate, and add them.
  5. Click “Schedule” to begin the scheduling process.


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