90 Soulmate Quotes About Loving Your Best Friend (2023)

Our list of soulmate quotes will help us put our thoughts and feelings into words.They give us inspiration and can be used to express ourselves at celebrations.

or in some other important way. Finding your soulmate is something special and rare in this worldWe are very lucky if we are lucky enough to find ours.

I love this soul mate quote and think it is a perfect explanationsomeone's soulmate.

Most people have more than one soul mate. A soulmate can come in the form of a life partner, friend, child, or lover.A soulmate can be someone with whom you share a spiritual path, collaborate in the world, or are committed to educating certain souls.It can be someone whose growth you encourage, such as a child.

Sanaya Romana

expressions of kindred spirits

"If we had never met, I probably would have known that my life is not complete. I too would wander the world in search of you, even if I didn't know who I was looking for.

- Nicholas Sparks

“For me there is no heart like yours in the whole world. There's no love for you like mine in the whole world.

— Maya Angelou

"I love you, I rest with you, I came home."

– Dorothy L. Sayers

"I love you and I will love you until I die, and if there is life after that then I will love you."

– Cassandra Clara

"I feel like part of my soul has loved you from the start.

Maybe we come from the same star.”

-Emery Allen

“A big problem some empaths face is unrequited love and all the pain that comes with that experience. If someone is really your soul mate or twin flame, sooner or later the relationship will happen. Don't put your life on hold for someone else, no matter how much you want to be with them. If it's meant to be, it will happen."

– Matthew Sun

"Is there anything greater for two human souls than to feel united in mutual empowerment and in silent and indescribable memories together?"

-George Eliot

"When one is in love one can learn everything and know things one never dared to think about, because love is the key to understanding all mysteries."

- Paulo Coelho

"Yours is the light by which my spirit is born: - You are my sun, my moon and all my stars."

- EE Cummings

“Love is like burning friendship. A flame at first, very beautiful, often hot and fierce, but still only bright and flickering. As love grows, our hearts mature and our love becomes like coal that burns deep and unquenchable.”

- Bruce Lee

"You can't find a soul mate. A soul mate is recognized.

– Vironika Tugaleva

"We were just two broken souls trying to mend each other... Somehow I ended up having a part of you and you a part of me."

– Eva Michaels

"They stood there and acted like they were just friends, while everyone in the room could clearly see that they existed only for each other."

-Emma Blake

"I recognized you immediately. Our whole life went through my head in a split second. I felt such a strong attraction to you that I almost couldn't stop it.

-J. Sterling

"You are my beauty forever...a connection so deep that even eternity doesn't seem long enough to spend with you."

Steve Maraboli

“Relationship is understanding. It is a process of self-discovery. A relationship is a mirror in which you reveal yourself: to be is to be related.”

- Bruce Lee

"Before you can find your soulmate, you must first discover your soul."

- Charles F. Glassman

"Is there anything greater for two human souls than to feel as one for a lifetime... empowering each other... being in silent and indescribable memories together?"

– George Eliot

"The connection between souls is ancient, older than the planets."

-Dianna Hardy

"Just you and me against the world. Forever and ever."

-Jessica Sorensen

"A soulmate is the only person whose love is strong enough to motivate you to find your soul and do the emotional work of self-discovery and awakening."

- Kenny-Login

"If anyone sees the soul in you, be thankful you touched the stars."

-Amy Leigh Mercree

More quotes about soulmates

"There are moments in our lives when we meet someone and it feels like we've known them our whole lives!"

-Avijeet Das

"Love never asks, it always gives."

Mahatma Gandhi

"I love you not only for who you are, but also for who I am when I'm with you." I love you not only for what you've made of yourself, but also for what you're made of me.

I love you for the part of me that you bring out.

– Roy Croft

Immature love says I love you because I need you. Mature love says I need you because I love you.

- Erich Fromm

"An ocean separates lands, not souls..."

Muniya Khan

"Love conquers all".

– Virgilio

"Whatever our souls are made of, yours and mine are the same."

– Emily Brontë

“The thought answered the thought; Opinions met opinions: in short, we were in complete agreement.”

- Charlotte Bronte

“In the beginning, a soul separated and created soulmates. And always the two will wander in search of each other.

- stranger

"Unless you love someone, nothing else makes sense."

- EE Cummings

I carry your heart with me (I carry it in my heart)"

- EE Cummings

Now he felt not only that he was close to her, but also that he didn't know where he left off and where she began.

- Leo Tolstoy

"A soulmate is someone with whom we feel a deep connection, as if the communication and fellowship that occurs between us is not the product of conscious effort but rather of divine grace."

– Thomas Moore

“A soulmate is what we aspire to and what we want to understand about ourselves. It is what we consider perfection, purity and infinite love.”

– Sorin Čerin

“One does not fall in love with the body, one falls in love with the soul. And as soon as he falls in love with the soul, everything in this body becomes beautiful.

– AB

"But I believe that souls are aligned and reflect each other."

- Richelle Mead

"Sometimes there's someone who makes you feel so at home that you're comfortable."

-Marnie Woodrow

Cute quotes about soulmates

"Our souls fell in love long before we knew it."

- N.R.Hart

"From the moment I saw you, I wanted you in my dreams"

- John J. Geddes

"Even after all this time? Constant."

– J.K. Rowling

"True love is finding your soulmate in your best friend."

– Faye Hall

"By fate or forgery, our dances are bound together forever."

– Natalia Marx

"Anyone can be passionate, but true lovers have to be fools."

- Rose Franken

"Where have you been all my life?"

"Become the person you need from me."

-Amanda Torroni

"To the world you can be a man, but to a man you can be the world."

– Heather Cortez

"Some souls just hit it off when they meet."

– NR Hart

"Having perfected our disguise, we spend our lives looking for someone we can't fool."

-Robert Brault

"True love will make your soul come out of hiding."

- Clyde Lee Dennis

"Love is nothing other than the discovery of yourself in the other and the joy of recognition."

-Alexander Smith

"It entered my heart like it always belonged there, tore down my walls and set my soul on fire."

– T.M.

"There are no chance encounters between souls."

– Sheila Burke

"Soulmate is an overused term, but a true soul connection is very rare and very real."

- Hilary Duff

On this path of life we ​​meet many people. Each of them has a purpose in our life. None of the cases that we know of are coincidences.”

- Mimi Nović

"You don't find love by finding the perfect person, but by seeing the imperfect person perfectly."

– Sam Keen

"We were together. I forget the rest.”

- Walt Whitman

"Our soulmate makes life alive."

-Richard Bach

"You are the fire that burns within me."

- Kelvin O'Ralph

"A soulmate doesn't have to be a romantic relationship. Sometimes in life you meet people when you need them and a connection is made instantly.

- Alison G. Bailey

"You know you're in love when you can't sleep because after all, reality is better than your dreams."

— Dr. Seuss

"Just you and me against the world. Forever and ever"

-Jessica Sorensen

"Even if your soulmates aren't looking for you, they will find you."

-Kevin Ansbro

"You have half our gifts. me the other Together we form a whole. Together we are much stronger.”

-Joss Stirling

"The most beautiful part of me will always be you."

- Emmanuelle Soni-Dessaigne

"Yes, it was love at first sight. I feel like I finally found my soul mate after all these years.

– Barbara Hershey

"You are my soul mate" phrases

"Soulmates have a special bond: unconditional love, mutual respect, bringing out the best in each other, and great compatibility."

– Mettrie

"I immerse myself in you as I immerse myself in a beautiful story."

Sanobar Khan

"The best love stories aren't the ones that only tell about love, but the ones in which a person behaves accordingly."

-Steve Maraboli

“A soulmate is someone who has locks that fit our keys and keys that fit our locks. When we feel confident enough to pick the locks, our true selves come out and we can be fully who we are; We can be loved for what we are and not for what we pretend to be.

Each brings out the best in the other. Regardless of all that is wrong around us, with that person we are safe in our own paradise.

– Richard Bach

"Maybe it's about finding someone who looks at you when you close your eyes."

— Elvira Schneider

“Love is beautiful, devastating, touching, disturbing. Love is everything."

- Claire Contreras

"For what you whispered was not in my ear but in my heart. You didn't kiss my lips, you kissed my soul.

– Judy Garland

Phrases from "I have found my soulmate"

“Breathe in when I breathe in. Exhale when I exhale. Breathe with me, for two hearts beating and breathing together become one.

- Christina Westover

As I said this, I took a deep breath and jumped up; He spreads his arms and pretends he can fly. . .”

- Chelsea Shakespeare

“Sometimes you find like-minded people who stick together until they complete a task or life lesson and then move on. This is not a tragedy, just a matter of learning.”

- Brian Weiss

"The moment I heard my first love story, I started looking for you, not realizing how blind I was. After all, lovers don't meet just anywhere. They are in each other all the time.”

– Rumi

Best friend quotes soulmates

"True love is finding your soulmate in your best friend."

- Faye Hall

"A heart worthy of love is one that understands itself, even in silence."

- Shannon L. Aliso

"True love stories never end."

-Richard Bach

"Loving you feels like my commitment to eternity long ago."

- Nikola An

“Beauty is the purest feeling of the soul. Beauty comes when the soul is content.

"Amit Ray".

"I describe a soulmate as a 'partner who nourishes the soul'. Someone who will nourish your soul and thereby encourage understanding and growth.

-Karen Salmansohn

"We all remember those who touched our hearts so deeply,

That our heartbeat began to dance, reminding us that we must live again.

- Mimi Nović

"As we grow old together, while we continue to change with age, there's one thing that will never change... I will always continue to fall in love with you."

-Karen Clodfelder

"People think a soulmate is the perfect person and that's what everyone wants. But a true soulmate is a mirror, a person who shows you everything that is holding you back, a person who draws your attention so that you can transform your life.

-Elizabeth Gilbert

“A soulmate is someone whose outlook on life isn't necessarily the same as yours, but complements it. There is no obligation, there is praise.

– Pablo Robear

"A soul mate relationship is less about emotions and lust and more about things like a shared life path,

feeling of security and peace,and genuine compassion for one another.”

-Katherine Woodward Thomas

"It seems I've loved you in countless ways, countless times... life after life, age after age, forever."

– Tagore

Choose quotes about soulmates that match your feelings and emotions. Some are really insightful and can melt your heart, others can just make you smile.

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